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The Reference staff will gladly assist you with research projects, finding answers to questions, locating books and materials, using  electronic resources including the Internet, request materials using our inter-library loans programs, and any other information needed.

Reference service is provided in-person, telephone, or via e-mail at

Please call 708-458-2880 ext. 105 for Reference.

The Affordable Care Act is now in full swing. Below you'll find a variety of resources for the Affordable Care Act -"Obamacare". Click on the links to learn more about it.
Insurance carriers participating in the marketplace include:
 Where can I go to get started? 
Marketplace Health Plans:
For every plan, you will pay a monthly premium and out-of-pocket expenses when you receive services. In general, the lower the premium, the higher the out-of-pocket costs when you need care; the higher the premium, the lower the out-of-pocket costs when you need care. The way you pay your portion of these costs is through deductibles and copayments or co-insurance.
The Marketplace offers four categories of plans, plus a catastrophic plan:

Bronze plan: You pay 40% of your costs, the plan covers 60%
Silver plan: You pay 30% of your costs, the plan covers 70%
Gold plan: You pay 20% of your costs, the plan covers 80%
Platinum plan: You pay 10% of your costs, the plan covers 90%
Catastrophic Plan: Available up to age 30
Can I cover my children? 
Are my Children available for Healthcare?

Heroin Use in the Suburbs

Studies show that heroin use among young people in the suburbs is becoming a fact of life.  Below is some educational materials from the Robert Crown Center in Hinsdale to help parents and families become more informed. 
he organization focuses on health education for children and families. HeroinEducation/index.html files/Understanding% 20Suburban%20Heroin%20Use% 20EXEC%20SUMMARY.pdf