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Program guidelines for Summer Session 2018
2018 Summer Session 
Important Information on Summer 2018 Program Participation Requirements
There will be No Pre-Registration for Summer Programs, instead Registration for Bridgeview residents only will begin 30 minutes before the start of each program and event. Non-residents will be allowed to register 15 minutes before program. 
For example Kids Craft begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday Evenings, there are 20 spaces available for this program.  At 6pm families are asked to come to the children's reference desk to recieve a ticket for admittance to the craft program.  Once all 20 spaces are filled the program is closed.  Program admittance will close 10 minutes after the start of the program.  
* Bridgeview Residents will be allowed 15 minutes to register before Non-residents- *First come - First serve. 
* Please be advised that space is limited and a maximum capacity has been set for each program. Program materials will be prepared to accomodate the maximum amount of participants for each program, there will be no extra space. 
*Programs require that participants be within a certain age range, these guidelines are used to ensure a pleasant experience for all participants.  Age requirements will be enforced, thank you for your understanding. If a program is for all ages it will be stated in the brochure or on the website.
All families enrolled in school districts 109, 117, and 122 are invited to attend programs. Please stop in the library today for Summer Brochures and Calendars at the Children's Desk.
Please make an effort to be On Time for Programs
PLEASE BE ADVISED if you are more than 10 minutes late for a program or event you may not be able to participate. Please see a Youth Services Associate at the Youth Reference desk for any questions. 

Programs run June 11th to July 21st.

Mondays at 1pm—Pre K Sing & Craft:
Each week we will be learning new songs and do a craft together. 
AGES 3-5 years. MAX 10

Tuesdays at 11am—Toddler Dramatic Play: Let’s pretend together and use our imaginations! We can be bakers, construction workers, a fairy princess or fireman! Great time for social play! AGES 18 months to 3 years—MAX 20

Tuesdays at 4pm—Club 36: Hey kids lets get creative this summer!  Did anyone say SLIME? Or maybe a friendship bracelet!  Cool summer crafts that are geared towards our older kids! AGES 3rd to 6th grade (8 to 12 years) - MAX 20

Tuesdays at 6:30pm—Summer Craft: Always a favorite at the Library! Come by yourself or as a family to do a creative craft!
Under 5 years w/adult. MAX 25

Wednesdays at 11am—Toddler Playdate:   Looking for something to do with your little ones this summer? Come to library playdate! Created for toddlers, this program focuses on open play to foster young children's creativity, cognitive development, and social skills. Join us for stories, songs, art projects, and sensory play!   Ages: 18 months– 3 years. MAX 20

Wednesdays at 2pm—K-2 Science Lab: Come enjoy learning about science with your friends at the library this summer. We'll be doing experiments with various materials, non-Newtonian liquids, and more! Ages 5 yrs to 8 yrs—MAX 20

Wednesdays at 4pm - K-2 Bingo Club: Looking for late afternoon summer fun? Come play a game of Bingo!  Bring a friend or meet new friends at the library. AGES Kindergarten to 2nd grade MAX 10

Wednesdays at 6:30pm—Knit CLUB: 
Don’t let Summer get boring, let’s get together and be creative using hands, some yarn and needles. Try something new this summer and learn a new hobby!
 Ages 10yrs and older  MAX 10

Thursdays at 11am—Mini Mad Science: Are you ready for some summer science fun? Join us at Pre-K Science! We will read a story each week and do a science experiment!  AGES 3-5 years—MAX 15

Thursdays at 6:30pm—Mad  Scientist: Do you like science? Do you enjoy creating and working with others? If so, make sure you sign up for the science program, where we conduct experiments through creative  interaction with different materials. The science program focuses on a variety of activities from experimenting with static electricity to making our own slime! Come out and have some fun!
AGES 9yrs to 12 yrs—MAX 20

Fridays at 11am—Book & Boogie: Who’s ready to boogie??? Join Ms. Amy as we sing and dance along with musical instruments. Great activity for active toddlers! Ages 18 months to 3 years—MAX 20

Fridays at 2pm—Video gaming: Cool off at the library and play alongside other gamers! All levels of players welcomed! Ages 8 to 12 years—Max 20

Fridays at 4pm—Movie & Popcorn: Weekly movies to match our weekly themes, great for all ages 5 years and older. MAX 20

Saturdays at 12pm—Young creations: Jump-start your child's creativity with these simple crafts. Join us as we learn to color, build, and create a new craft each week! AGES 5-7 years—MAX 20

Saturdays at 2pm—Family Guess Who: As a family you’ll work together to solve the weekly mystery riddle, prizes awarded! MAX 10 families



Saturday Entertainment

Saturday, June 16th at 4pm—Mr. Kipley’s Magic Circus: Join the fun as Mr. Kipley combines live music, interactive puppetry, amazing magic, and age appropriate humor into his show! Young and old will enjoy this exciting program! ALL AGES—NO LIMIT
Saturday, June 23rd at 4pm - Memory Lane ponies & petting zoo: Professional handlers will be on hand for pony rides and keeping a well kept petting zoo. All Ages
Saturday, June 30th at 4pm—The Great Scott family magic show:  Be amazed by the magic and humor of this lively show! Everybody will be laughing until they’re shaking! ALL AGES—NO LIMIT
Saturday, July 7th at 4pm—Cosley Zoo: You won’t want to miss this one of a kind program! Discover the animals that call Illinois home! A Cosley Zoo educator will be at our Library along with live animals as co-presenters.  ALL AGES—NO LIMIT
Saturday, July 14th at 4pm—Mad Science of Chicago: Mad Science is the premier provider of fun science for children. During their Fire & Ice show, you’ll witness foggy dry ice storms or cool flashy reactions and more! Don’t miss the fun!  

Best for ages K-6th grade—No Limit
Saturday, July 21st at 4pm—Dinosauria: Children will  enjoy the rare opportunity to learn first hand about dinosaur science. ALL AGES—NO LIMIT

Saturday, July 28th at 4pm—Miguel’s Magic Mirror puppet show: Miguel lives in Mexico with his family. He gets in trouble with his mother for not sharing his soccer ball with his younger brother Pedro.  He is sent to his room and wishes he could be someplace else. The magic mirror hears his wish and lets him visit children all over the world. ALL AGES - NO LIMIT