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Program guidelines for Summer Session Programs 2017
Summer 2017 - Changes have been updated in RED
Important Information on Summer 2017 Program Participation Requirements
There will be No Pre-Registration for Summer Programs, instead Registration for Bridgeview residents only will begin 30 minutes before the start of each program and event. Non-residents will be allowed to register 15 minutes before program. 
For example Kids Craft begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday Evenings, there are 20 spaces available for this program.  At 6pm families are asked to come to the children's reference desk to recieve a ticket for admittance to the craft program.  Once all 20 spaces are filled the program is closed.  Program admittance will close 10 minutes after the start of the program.  
* Bridgeview Residents will be allowed 15 minutes to register before Non-residents- *First come - First serve. 
* Please be advised that space is limited and a maximum capacity has been set for each program. Program materials will be prepared to accomodate the maximum amount of participants for each program, there will be no extra space. 
*Programs require that participants be within a certain age range, these guidelines are used to ensure a pleasant experience for all participants.  Age requirements will be enforced, thank you for your understanding. If a program is for all ages it will be stated in the brochure or on the website.
All families enrolled in school districts 109, 117, and 122 are invited to attend programs. Please stop in the library today for Summer Brochures and Calendars at the Children's Desk.
Please make an effort to be On Time for Programs
PLEASE BE ADVISED if you are more than 10 minutes late for a program or event you may not be able to participate. Please see a Youth Services Associate at the Youth Reference desk for any questions. 
Summer Programs
Join the fun this Summer
at Bridgeview Public Library!

Summer Programs begin June 12th.

Registration for Bridgeview residents begins one half hour before start time. Open registration begins 15 minutes before program.

***Each program has an age limit and maximum capacity. These are set to ensure the best possible experience for the children participating, as well as enough supplies.***


Summer Weekly Programs

Mondays at 1pm—Pre K Sing & Craft: Each week we will be learning new songs and do a craft together.  AGES 3-5 years. MAX 10

Mondays at 2pm—Build Your Own Book Club: Love to read? Want to explore more books? Join Chose Your Own Book Club, where we will create our own book club based off what you want to read! Kids will be able to select a title (or two) off a list of books and help create the basis for the own book club! Book club meetings will consist of book talk, crafts, and games related to the title you chose! 4th-6th Grade. Max: 10

Mondays at 4pm—World Art: Join Ms. Liz in a journey around the world! Art Around the World will explore different artists, art techniques, mediums, and styles popular in different countries. Unique projects every week with a variety of materials!
2nd-6th Grade. Max: 20

Tuesdays at 2pm—Pre school Pals: Building a better world starts with us! Join Ms. Amy as we explore how we can be better friends with kindness and team work! AGES 3-5 years. MAX 20

Tuesdays at 4pm—K2 Science: Grab a friend and join us this summer for fun filled science experiments at the library! We will be learning about frogs, light, energy, and more. AGES K - 2nd grade. MAX 20

Tuesdays at 6:30pm—Summer Craft: Always a favorite at the Library! Come by yourself or as a family to do a creative craft!
Under 5 years with an adult. MAX 25
NO PROGRAMS TUESDAY, JULY 4th - Library Closed

Wednesdays at 11am—Toddler Playdate: Wednesday Toddler Time is back with Ms. Liz! Join us for a summer filled with songs and story, sensory stations, games, toys, puzzles and more! Bring your little ones for an experience filled with social skill development and activities that will help foster creativity and motor skills. Ages: 18 months- 3.5 years.   MAX 20

Wednesday at 2pm - Roving Reader:  Travel around our community and join in fun stories and songs.  Get a travel brochure with more details at the Children’s Desk.

Wednesdays at 4pm—K2 SAM Club: (Science, Art and Math) A great time to come together to explore and be creative! All students will be encouraged to use problem solving skills,  observation skills and use their creativity! AGES 5—8 years. MAX 10

Thursdays at 2pm—Nursery Rhyme Science: Did you know that scientific research has proven one of the best indicators of how well children will learn to read is their ability to recite nursery rhymes? We will learn a new Nursery rhymes, and then perform fun science experiments that correlate to the weekly rhyme! AGES 3—5 years. MAX 20

 Thursdays at 4pm—Mad Scientists:  Gain skills and explore the world of science by conducting fun and engaging scientific investigations. Take a closer look into the many different fields of science.  Ages 3rd –6th Grade MAX  20

 Thursdays at 6:30pm—DIY Build: Come build awesome structures with all your friends at the library. You'll be able to use Legos, blocks, and more to bring your wildest creations to life! DATES: June 22, July 6th, & July 20th.  AGES 5—12 years. MAX 20

Thursdays at 6:30—Book Bingo: DATES: June 15th & 29th AGES 5—12 years MAX 20

Fridays at 11am—Toddler Shake & Shimmy: Shake & shimmy your body to the beat, and help your mind get ready to learn! Join Ms. Amy as we read a book and dance to music while using a variety of  musical instruments and props! AGES 18 months –3 years.  MAX 20
Fridays at 3pm—Creative Writing Club:  Love to write? Want to spend your summer learning fun skills and creating cool pieces? Join the Creative Writing Club, where we will learn and practice different writing techniques and then work together to write short creative stories! AGES: 4-6th grade MAX 10

Saturdays at 1pm—Eco Kids Craft: Come and create something from nothing! We will use upcycled household products, scrap paper, paint and more. AGES 5 - 12 years MAX 20
Saturdays at 3pm—Family Hour- Solve a Mystery: Families are given a mystery each week,  then they use hints and clues to become super sleuths to solve the case. Children and parents work together for fun and prizes! MAX 10 Families


Summer Family Entertainment

There is always something fun to do with your Family at Bridgeview Library!

Saturday, June 10th Family Kick Off Day 12pm - 4pm
  • 12pm– Welcome in Lower Level and Build Your Own Robot.
  • 12:30pm –2:30 pm:  Fun is Natural- Enjoy pony rides, petting zoo, side walk chalk, popcorn and more.
  • 2:30 LEGO Movie & Pizza Party– After all your outdoor fun meet in the lower level to view the original LEGO Movie with your family.  Cheese pizza and  a drink will be served fun for the whole family.
Saturday, June 17th at 4pm - T-REXplorers Dinosaur Presentation: Get excited about the treasures found in nature.  Your children will have the opportunity to handle authentic dinosaur fossils of the most popular and recognized dinosaur species. 
Tuesday, June 27th at 6:30pm: Cosley Zoo - Home Sweet Habitat:  The Zoo comes to Bridgeview Library, with real animals and lots of interesting artifacts.  We will discuss animal habitats and adaptations
Saturday, July 1st 4pm - Kidz Magic Show with Andrew: "Kidzmagic" is filled with opportunities for students to become the "stars" of the show and participate in comedy magic routines and general good natured craziness.
Thursday, July 13th at 6:30pm - Alice in Wonderland: Jeannie McQueenie will present the interactive, musical adaptation of this kids’ classic at the Bridgeview Public Library.
Thursday, July 20th at 6:30pm - LEGO Build Your Own Andy’s Custard: Come out and create your own Andy’s Sundae and build with Legos.
Saturday, July 22nd Noon-3pm - Family Fun Fair
Spin Art, Games & Prizes, Face Painting, Photo Booth, Snow Cones and to keep the afternoon rolling along a DJ will keep us going with some great tunes.

**All Family Entertainment activities are FREE and open to all ages. There is no registration for Family Entertainment.**

Last Hurrah

It goes by fast….
End of Summer Reading
Celebration Week


Monday, July 24th 1pm —Pete the Cat Celebration:
Help us celebrate the coolest cat in the library.  All your favorite Pete the cat books, purr-fectly amazing activities, and you’ll love the  cat craft.  Best for ages 3-7yrs.

Tuesday, July 25th 6:30 pm—Cartooning with Mark Anderson: Alphabet Animals: In this high-energy draw-along program, students will learn to draw 26 adorable cartoon animals using only the alphabet and simple shapes. Grades: K-6 
Wednesday, July 26th—Haunted Trails Pizza Party:
Congratulations to our Summer Reading Participants.  When you complete the summer reading goal of 600 minutes you will be invited to our End of the Season Pizza Party.  Hope to see you there! 
Thursday, July 27th 6 pm —Video Gaming Party:
Power Up Gamers!  Join in the fun as we relax with a fun evening of gaming of all kinds.  Best for 3rd Grade and Up.
Friday, July 28th 1 pm - Captain Underpants Party:
Silly Super Heroes Unite!  Just like George and Harold, help Captain Underpants in new adventures you’ll create!  Ridiculously Exciting Activities and Fun, Fun, Fun for All!  Best for 2nd –6th Grade
Saturday, July 29th 3 pm— Lego Movie and Popcorn:
Everything is Awesome!  As we catch the LEGO Movie and enjoy popcorn with friends and family.  Last big movie of the summer don’t miss out! All ages welcome!