Teens - Things to Do

Friday, June 8th at 1:45pm noon: Summer Kick-Off: Summer is here and we are ready to have some fun! Celebrate the teen department's official kick-off of summer with an escape room! Mobile escape room will be here with their Super hero challenge. Gather outside in our west parking lot. Be on time - Space is limited!! See a librarian for more details. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! 

Friday, June 8th at 4pm - Book Tasting: Are you interested in joining the teen summer book club? If so, come to the teen book tasting where we will choose the summer read for book club! Book selections and snacks will be provided! Bring your friends! MAX 12

Saturday, July 28th at 2pm - Summer Reading Bowling party: Did you participate in the summer reading program? If so, join us in celebrating a successful summer of reading at Elmar Bowling! See a librarian for details.

June 11th to July 21st

Mondays at 1pm - Project Linus Blanket: Let's use our hands to help a good cause! We will be helping support Project Linus; a national, non profit volunteer organization that provides comfort and security to seriously ill and tramatized children through handmade blanets. MAX 10

Mondays at 6:30pm - Music Circle: Interested in music? Want to learn about music production? Just want to JAM??? Then make your way to the Bridgeview library's music circle. Instruments will be provided for you, or you can bring your own. Let's make some music!!! PARENTAL CONSENT FORM REQUIRED -MAX 10

Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm - DIY Craft: Looking for something to do at the library? Stop by to make a craft! Supplies provided, you bring your skills! 

Tuesdays at 6:30pm - Dystopian Book Club: Looking for a good summer read? Come to the summer book tasting to select the summer book club novel! MAX 15

Wednesdays at 2pm - Creative Writing Club: (DATES: 6/13, 6/27, 7/11) Need an outlet to express your creativity? In creative writing club, we will explore poetry, short stories, descritive language and other writing forms! MAX 20

Wednesdays at 2pm - Science Club: (DATES: 6/20 & 7/18)
Do you enjoy creating, experimenting, and working with others? If so, sign up for YA Science club, where teens lead their own experiments through creative interaction with different materials. This science club focuses on a variety of activities and creations from silly putty to lava lamps. MAX 20

Wednesdays at 5:30pm - Film Club: 
 Love Movies? How about secrets? Join us for Bridgeview Library's Film Club to learn to spot the secret tricks and treasures of some of your favorite films! MAX 20

Thursdays at 4pm - TEEN Craft: Do you enjoy making creative and unique projects? Don't miss out on the weekly teen craft - where we will be creating exciting hands on projects with different materials! MAX 20
Thursdays at 5pm - Teen Hangout: Manny & Veronika from Youth Outreach Services will be here to discuss various topics that are relevant to you! Don't miss out!! 

Fridays at 2pm - Coding 101: Computers!! The world runs on them, but how do they work? More importantly, how can *I* make them work for me? Find out at the new YA Coding Club! You will be given a beginners course in C++, one of the most used and important languages in the world, alongside a small game engine to help visualize and understand concepts! PARENTAL CONSENT FORM REQUIRED - MAX 10

Saturdays at 4pm - DIY Build: (DATES: 6/16, 6/30, 7/14) Do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you looking for a new, exciting project to help keep your mind and hands occupied this summer? Come to DIY build, where we will be working with catapults and circuits amoung other things! MAX 12

Saturdays at 4pm - Video Game Tourney: (DATES: 6/23, 7/07, 7/17)
Test your might!! Come join us for a feat of gaming skill at Bridgeview Library's Video Game Tournament. Gamers Welcome. Wii U/PS4 consoles. MAX 20