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Flipster is a next-generation magazine service that allows people to browse digital versions of the latest issues of popular magazines, courtesy of the library.
Check your App Store or Play Store to download Flipster to your mobile device or tablet too! 

NEW! RomanceBookCloud!
Downloadable Romance ebooks
Unlimited and unrestricted access to a curated collection of romance ebooks.
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With a valid Bridgeview Library card you can access Freading to get
ebooks.  You can also download the App from the Apple App Store
or Android Play Store. 

How Freading works:

Upon logging in with your credentials from your library, you will see a splash page come up, with an easy 1-2-3 guide to enjoying eBooks.

  • In the upper right corner of the site, you will see information regarding your account. Specifically, you will see a "weekly limit". The weekly limit is the amount of titles that you may check out every week. The total is set by your library. If there is an allotment of 3 books per week, and you have used one, the counter will say 1/3.
  • Unused book loans roll over to the following week. Every 4 weeks, unused book loans expire. An individual loan is for 2 weeks and may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks.
  • The library may have an overall book loan limit. If they do, you might not be able to download books, but you will be able to queue up for the following week to do so.

RAILS presents BiblioBoard Library e-books
Try it today!

BiblioBoard Library

We've partnered with BiblioLabs to bring your patrons a collection of e-books that's available to any Illinois resident.
The BiblioBoard platform features four collections:
  1. Recovering the Classics featuring public-domain classics from world literature, with modern cover images
  2. Popup Picks featuring titles that will change quarterly and will include hand-curated e-books from expert librarian curators
  3. The Bodleian Library collection featuring items from Oxford University's Bodleian Library
  4. The Biblioboard Core collection featuring articles, images, books, etc. spanning a wide range of topics
There is no limit on simultaneous use; items in the collections can be read by 1 or 100 patrons at the same time. This means no hold queues and no waiting for titles.
Popup Picks

Access to BiblioBoard

BiblioBoard Library provides geolocation-based authentication through the IP address of the user's computer or GPS coordinates of their mobile device. Anyone who is physically in Illinois can access the collection without a login. A patron who creates an account while in Illinois will be able to access the collection outside the state by logging into their account.
Your patrons have access to the collections through: Since BiblioBoard authenticates by geolocation, visiting the website or opening the app will take your patrons directly to the RAILS collections.
We strongly encourage your patrons to create a profile the first time they visit the collection. A BiblioBoard Library profile will allow access to the collections outside of Illinois, as well as the ability to download content for offline reading and to add bookmarks and notes.
You can also go directly to each of the individual collections: